Gender Pay Gap

At VR (UK) Ltd. we strive to create an inclusive working environment where everyone has the freedom to be themselves. We recognise that all our colleagues are unique –whatever their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies, and that by valuing each other and working in collaboration we build a team of forward thinking individuals that help make our business a success.

We have a mean gender pay gap of 31.79% and a median gender pay gap of 29.25%, both above the national average. We know our gender pay gap is not a pay issue but is a consequence of there being a significantly higher proportion of women than men in more junior roles and fewer women than men in leadership positions. We are committed to reducing the gaps whilst maintaining our focus on individual capability.

Gender Pay & Bonus Pay Gap

Difference between Men and Women Mean Median
Gender Pay Gap 31.79% 29.25%
Gender Bonus Gap 68.81% 50.49%

Proportion of employees recieving a 2016 bonus


94.50% recieved a bonus
5.50% no bonus recieved


88.60% recieved a bonus
11.40% no bonus recieved

Pay Quartiles Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

Quartile 1

79.70% female
20.30% male

Quartile 2

80.20% female
19.80% male

Quartile 3

67.20% female
32.80% male

Quartile 4

48.70% female
51.30% male

Making changes for the future

We have a commitment to all of our employees to offer a working environment where there are clear career progression paths, where we optimise opportunities for growth and where we support and encourage personal development. Our initial changes will focus on:

    Attracting and developing female talent

  • Continue to review our recruitment strategy to ensure we are attracting the widest possible female talent pool
  • Continue to nurture and develop our existing female talent
  • Empower our leaders to own and drive inclusion

  • Proactively recognise our existing female talent
  • Encourage colleagues to participate in forums which recognise and champion women in leadership
  • Launch an internal mentoring programme
  • Continue to provide a working environment that is appealing to and supportive of all
  • Continue to ensure our policies are as inclusive, flexible and supportive as possible
  • Continue to ensure our working environment encourages and supports collaborative ways of working
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